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Casino Village

You might be wondering how casinos can be played through a computer screen, online, from your couch, through a computer or a mobile device, and just how seamless the casino games are to play in this way. It's very simple. Like any other online facility, here too we have the usual combination of codes and programming, presented to us in the form of a software and a pretty interface, that makes this online gambling not only possible, but also enjoyable. At real casinos, the player is assisted by the dealers and staff members at the casino tables during, before and after the game plays; while in an online casino play, it is the system that swiftly does everything and there is no manual assistance.

Every bit of every casino play online has a code behind it that makes its functioning possible. In fact, players have rated the online casinos highly, compared with the real physical casinos, as the game is fast, playing time is reduced, time is dedicated only to the play without any disturbance and finally the pay-out happens swiftly. The above is generally the expectation of any player and is perfectly matched when gambling is taken up online. Rivalling other large and similar casino sites, such as Casino village or slot village is a website that has been introduced exclusively for the slot play in the online casinos. This is one among the many types of software that makes the playing of slot machines possible and easier online. This was introduced in 2005 and comes with many promotional and entry bonuses. They also promise to entice and amuse every player on some special occasions like their birthdays or anniversaries and this is one clever way of attracting more players to their website.

Caution before proceeding

Since online casinos do not exist in reality and all their functioning and operations are all online, it is always recommended that the players do a check before they decide to make an entry. There are many online reviewing groups that consist of experienced players who constantly post blogs and reviews about such online gambling websites rating their trustworthiness and authenticity. It is necessary for every player to have a look at them before they start their gambling venture and this step, though sometimes a little lengthy and tedious, is sure to make their journey in the online gambling world a worthy one.

Similarly the slot village casino was also reviewed for the benefit of the many casino players and there are many detailed descriptions on the website's general experience. Any player takes up a casino website only when it is 100% percent reliable and trustworthy. This is the very base of the casinos and the plays conducted by them. However, when the slot village casino was put to test for this, it came out with disappointing results wherein the rating was just 1 on 10. This makes it very clear that taking up gambling with this website is a definite path to doom. Substantiating this point, there have been many complaints and issues from the player`s side.

The pay-outs and the time promised by this website are very poor and it promises to credit the account of the player in 12 days with the profit which is a long time, and even in this there have been many backtracks in many cases. They advertise their website with many banking options which in reality are non-functional and the payment from their side takes a long time though they demand a prompt deposit payment from the player before starting a game. The only way of contacting such is through the customer service numbers that they offer. But when they were contacted, it was found that many a times there was nil response or even if there was one, it was a much delayed one.

This software and website comes under the license of Costa Rica government. This license is a proof for their authentic existence online but does not offer any protection to the player and his game. This license has no provision for registering any issues or complaints regarding the games in this website and there is nobody specifically assigned to answer the queries of the players. Considering all the above points, the website seems to be a little futile and deciding to take this up is definitely going to cost huge to the player giving nothing in return but only disappointment.


321 456 8912

517 N Oakhurst Dr, Aurora, IL 60502 USA